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 Site Journal for Windows and MacOS

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This program enables site-supervising architects, engineers, owners, and building contractors to record their site inspections in a simple and easily readable manner.

In addition to multiple input modes, it stands out because of the following features: fast and convenient navigation between the individual daily reports. Input of the persons and companies involved in the construction project and access to this data within the program structure. Photos showing the performance level and defects can be included in the daily reports.

Functionality: (can be customized by Bauskript to your specifications)

Quick recording of:

  • Weather, temperature and humidity
  • Attendees and site staffing
  • Performance level, deficiencies, delays, hindrances, and acceptance
  • Instructions and additional works given
  • Execution of important building operations, tests and measurements
  • Statements on materials, deliveries, storage, test specimen, and drawing deliveries.
The freeware version is restricted in functionality as compared to the full version.

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