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Data entry by App for iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone

This program lets you enter daily progress reports right during your site inspection. It uses the company list of your project so that the actual writing effort is significantly reduced. With the dictation function and later transcribing on the Site-Journal desktop version, time is saved and the typing on small devices is reduced.

With the App you can create Site Journals, synchronize, edit and them generate HTML reports with the photos and send them via email. Site Journal for Windows and MacOS must be installed on your computer to synchronize and administrate the reports, to print them and create lists of man hours, equipments, materials etc. and create photo albums.

The synchronization between App and and desktop computer can be done by e-mail as well as via SD card or USB cable or a free Dropbox account at www.dropbox.com. In this case you also need to install the free Dropbox App for iOS or Android. After that you can activate the synchronization for any Site Journal you want, the process will work automatically. In the same way you can synchronize Site Journals between notebooks and other computers.

The App creates complete site journals with daily reports and photos, which you can open and edit at any equipment with Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. Several site supervisors can create Site Journals, that can be synchronized and processed with just one license for a desktop computer.
            The main menu

In this view you have access to several global functions and settings.

Site Journals:
shows a list of the Site Journals available at the equipment, that you can choose for editing or create a new Site Journal.

Daily reports:
here you have a list of all daily reports of the current Site Journal. You can edit, copy, delete this reports or send them via HTML email.

Company list:
There are two lists of attendees, one of site participants and the other of the employees at the site. Both lists appear in the reports to relate occurrences (like inadequacies or delivery of drawings) with the responsible company or person.

here you can change the resolution of the photos you add to the daily reports (depending on the internet speed it is recommended to choose a small size), and the format of the company data.

this function allows to upload or download the Site Journals to or from the Dropbox

About this App: Possibility to feedback, contact, call for support.
Management of deficiencies

The documentation of deficiencies is an unpopular but essential task of the construction manager. The app allows you to take photos in series, and then add a description of the problem to the photo. This description will immediately form part of the list of deficiencies, into which also defects without photo can be taken.

A deficiency can directly be assigned to a responsible company when the photo is added, and a removal date can be added too. In the version for computers (Windows / Mac) you can then print out a list of deficiencies, either as a complete list or by company. This has the advantage of being able to send each company its own list of deficiencies.
Filtering by date range or report number is also possible and can be useful.

The photos of deficiencies can be edited with the version for computers (Windows / Mac): it can be shown with arrows, lines and other drawing elements directly in the photo on the defect and it can be labeled with text.

Categories within the daily reports: State of the Site and Attendees

More categories: Failures, (Inadequacies, Hindrances, Delays), Contruction progress, Notations

More categories: Documentation of Construction Materials, delivery of Drawings and Documents, and Equipment and Machines.

Daily data with date, time of the site report, weather, temperature wind, rain and so on are filled out automatically.

Deficiency management with company assignment and correction deadline. The photo will be assigned directly to the deficiency.

Capturing of photos, assigning them to a company and supplementing them with comments, titles and dates (from the cameras Exif data).

Documenting deliveries, storage and installation of construction materials, quantity and responsible company.

Filled company lists are offered for selection at the corresponding location. Companies import from the address book of the device are possible.

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